Baby and Toddler Massage

Who can receive a massage?

A massage is for anybody of any age. Whether you have a BABY, or a TODDLER, each will benefit from either TOUCHTIME® BABY MASSAGE or TOUCHTIME®TODDLER MASSAGE. Back in 1996, I wrote an article entitled “The Power of Touch” for the professional journal Infants and Young Children. In that article I outlined the benefits of baby massage for the baby receiving the massage, benefits for the parent or adult administering the massage, and benefits for the relationship between the child and adult. It is in these boundaries that interweave between the baby and his or her parent, not knowing where one’s fingertips start and the other one’s stop, that primary relationships are formed and this interaction is vital for laying the foundation for all future relationships to follow.

Dr. Elaine’s 4 Pillars of Care are also important when determining massage for a baby or toddler.

Caregivers need to be:
  1. consistent
  2. appreciative
  3. responsive and
  4. empathetic.
It is through these dynamic relationships that children thrive, communication improves, and caregivers bond with their babies.
The TouchTime® motto is to be in the present with your child, and in that moment of presence, you transcend time.
Whether you use Baby TouchTime® Massage, or you use the strategies for Toddler TouchTime® Massage, it is very clear, that to be providing this “hands-on experience” is to have seen the beauty and magic of childhood, the heartfelt appreciation for the gift of life that each and every child is, and the knowledge that each and every day miracles happen, and you have the power to make a difference in the life of a child, creating lifelong memories within the context of your family, that will last a lifetime. We must remember to keep our eyes open, allow our heart to feel, value the true beauty that children bring to life, and the role that we can play as a tour guide along their journey. BABY TOUCHTIME® MASSAGE is useful for babies, approximately 3 weeks of age (after the umbilical cord has fallen off), to approximately 7 or 8 months of age, before they have started crawling and/or walking. Sometimes children with special needs may be older than 8 months of age, because they have not started crawling, and their motor skills are delayed. TODDLER TOUCHTIME® MASSAGE is useful for toddlers usually 8 months or older, who are beginning cruisers or walkers, to toddlers three years of age. The TODDLER BABY TOUCHTIME® MASSAGE program grew from the INFANT TOUCH TIME®as parents wanted to know how they could use the knowledge they were gaining from the INFANT TOUCHTIME® with their older children. To accommodate their request, Dr. Elaine developed the advanced TODDLER TOUCHTIME® program which is a combination of tactile and sensory experiences, language and sound production with parental participation. Dr. Elaine is here for you, welcoming you to give you support and for you to learn more about INFANT TOUCHTIME®, TODDLER TOUCHTIME®, TOUCHTIME®BABYOGA® and further your understanding and experiences about tactile communication, relationship-based practices, early childhood development, learning strategies, evidence-based practices, and worldwide trends. If you would like more information, kindly click here to contact Dr. Elaine or her staff