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Parent of a child in the TouchTime International ® program TouchTime International ® couldn’t have come at a better time for my 9 month old son and myself. I applied the massage techniques and found it to be very beneficial in transitioning my son from sleeping in my room to his own crib in his own room. I was pleased to observe that my son was sleeping soundly through the night. And more impressive to me was that he began waking up calmly without the need to cry for me right away. It was a gratifying feeling to discover my son entertaining himself in his crib and greeting me with a big smile. I plan to continue to use the massage techniques because the results have been evident. In addition, I have noticed that I am a more confident mom because I can prevent stressful situations with the use of calming techniques.

Teresa Antelo

Parent of a child in the TouchTime International ® program

J.G. is the mom of David, a 10 year old boy who was diagnosed at age 5 with attention deficit hyperactive disorder. “One of my colleagues showed me Dr. Elaine’s book, Massaging Your Baby – The Joy of TouchTime and I was pleasantly surprised to see the chapter entitled “Special Strokes for Special Folks.” J.G. continued, “I went to the disorder of ADHD and saw that Dr. Elaine gave me information about that disorder and some sample touch movements that can be used with children who have that diagnosis.

My son, David, was the type of kid who was uncomfortable with being touched. If you went to hug him, he would scoot away and avoid contact. J.G. offered David the massage for ADHD, as described in Dr. Elaine’s book. J.G. was really surprised that her son was open to being offered a massage. He was able to begin with some meditation and yoga breathing to help get him get settled and he loved it, and he didn’t run away. Actually, J.G. was pleasantly surprised that her son was open to the experience and instead of saying, “Oh mom, not another one of your ideas,” David was open to having his mom massage his shoulders, back, and hands. J.G. found that by using massage and touch she has opened the doors for opportunities for her and her son to bond, communicate, and provide ways that her son can unwind and relax. Furthermore, J.G. can now go up to her son’s back, he doesn’t scoot away. He even occasionally requests the massage!

J.G. highly recommends Massaging Your Baby,The Joy of TouchTime to all of her pregnant friends and to parents everywhere who want to re-connect with their child, or make the first connection.


Parent of a child with special needs

Parent of a child in the TouchTime International ® program Massage class allowed me to take a few moments out of my busy day and realize what is truly important — my baby. The massage is something we will always share between us and it helps us create a special bond. I enjoyed your class so much, and would love it if you had other classes that I could attend with Anthony. Thank you Dr. Elaine for your patience, your warmth, and your special caring.
We all had such a great time learning and growing.

Sarah Monaco

Parent of a child in the TouchTime International ® program

As a member of the National Health Foundation, I would like to thank Dr. Schneider for her wonderful infant massage presentation.

The National Health Foundation developed a Pregnant Teen and Parenting Support Program to prevent subsequent pregnancies and births among adolescents at Antelope Valley High School. Dr. Schneider provided an educational session to a group of 17 parenting teens during this program. She did an excellent job engaging participants and establishing a comfortable and safe place for them to share their experiences and ask questions. Her presentation provided the students with valuable and important information that will help them develop stronger relationships with their children.
Dr. Elaine was very approachable and we are really grateful for her efforts and support. We are hoping to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future and we will be pleased to refer any future parent to her wonderful program.

Diandra Andrade

Training Specialist – National Health Foundation

Massaging Your Baby is about much more than massage. It is more than a "How to" book. It is a "How come?" book. The "How come?" is about helping the parents understand the meaning of their baby's behavior, letting the baby take the lead. The baby designs the message.

Through touch, parents learn what their baby's behavior means, what they like, what calms them down, what over-stimulates them, what upsets. Because they understand, they know what to do.

From Massaging Your Baby, parents get what they need to cope with the unexpected. They become less stressed out. Being more patient, they stay relaxed and open to understanding what their babies are saying to them with their bodies. Touch is how babies first learn how wonderful it is to be truly understood. From this understanding grows trust and love. From trust and love, children develop the capacity and desire to have caring, long-lasting relationships. In short, Massing your Baby is a wonderful tool for parents to help their babies along the path of security, love, and joyful relationships.

Dr. Victor Bernstein

Faculty - University of Chicago

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