The greatest gift of all is the gift of life.

As caregivers, it’s both our duty and our passion to improve the lives of others. As a message of gratitude, we should each live our richest, fullest life- one of purpose and service- and help others to do the same. At TouchTime, it is our mission to promote health, emotional security and relationships that last a lifetime.

Our methodology has been shown to:

  • enhance communication
  • reduce stress
  • promote healing
  • strengthen bonds
  • improve sleep patterns
  • increase the overall sense of well-being, both individually and collectively

TouchTime™ is aimed at Growing healthy relationships…one touch at a time. The TouchTime™ trainings provided by Dr. Elaine have met the varied needs of healthcare educators, teachers, home visitors, early interventionists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, parents, caregivers, and other childcare providers.

Participants leave the trainings remarking how much they have changed because of the way that Dr. Elaine provides guidance and nurturance to them, giving them the opportunity to experience stress-free moments in their usual hectic daily living pace.

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